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Discover NB’s photos

Discover the photographer artist NB, a talent from Nantes with keen eyes. His story is that of a passion that evolved over time.

Initially oriented towards video editing, he quickly realized that his passion extended well beyond, embracing the visual universe as a whole, particularly photography.

People close to them often ask themselves: “But how do you manage to have this unique point of view?” The answer is simple: he has the gift of capturing the precise moment, of freezing the ephemeral with his camera or his smartphone.

Photographer artist NB's photographs are much more than just images. They tell stories, capturing moments of life, fleeting moments that touch the heart. His artistic vision shines through in every shot.

This talent from Nantes does not just photograph for himself. His works are regularly shared by influencers, testifying to the emotional power they release.

In addition, you have the possibility of acquiring his works in various formats, whether in posters, paintings on various supports such as acrylic glass, aluminum, wood, with or without frames, etc. There are many options so you can beautify your living or working space with these unique creations.

Immerse yourself in the captivating visual universe of artist photographer NB, let yourself be carried away by his exceptional images, and experience true visual immersion.