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Rentals from 2.99/month

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Do you need to regularly change your decoration? Renting is made for you!
  1. Flexibility : Change your decoration or artwork according to desire or occasion, without long-term commitment.

  2. Savings : Enjoy high-end art and home decor for a fraction of the cost of purchasing.

  3. Worry-Free : Avoid the clutter and regrets of permanent purchases, with the ability to easily renew your space.

  4. Maintenance included : Benefit from professional maintenance to keep the pieces in perfect condition without effort on your part.

  5. Exclusive access : Access unique works or limited editions, making your space distinctive and elegant.

From 2.99/month for an object or work worth €50 to €99.99.
Reserve a rental for 1 to 12 months, then exchange it at no extra cost or keep it. Some products are available for daily rental for up to 4 days (ideal for events, receptions, parties).

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